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Why is it safe to transmit credit card numbers over the internet Why is it safe to transmit credit card numbers over the internet on our secure server?
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A simple explanation:

Throughout history people have sought to hide their thoughts and deeds from the inspection of others. People have written codes, spoken strange languages and invented methods of physically hiding one message in another in order to ensure their privacy.

One of the chief concerns of Internet users continues to be security, especially when your financial information is on the line. To keep users comfortable with their online ordering or other sensitive material, SSL is the industry standard (that's what makes the little lock on your browser light up when you're on a secure page).

SSL or (secure socket layer) is a sophisticated technology all designed to do one thing: make sure you are who you say you are. SSL enables computers to talk to each other one on one. When your computer talks to a host (the server where the website you're trying to buy an item from lives), a system of keys is used during this connection to determine that the host is in fact the computer you want to speak to and not a malicious machine being used by a hacker to get your information. After the host has verified that it is the correct machine, it asks your computer to identify itself as well. After all that is taken care of the transaction can proceed. The duration of this identification process can be measured in tenths of a second. During this time, the computers never break the connection that was begun after the identified each other. If this connection is ever interfered with by another machine, it is instantly broken off, keeping the third party from ever grabbing your data. 

Wicked people will never stop trying to steal credit card numbers

So, at the end of the day there is only one maxim that stands: "The only thing that stays the same is that fact that things change". Never underestimate the obsolescence of computing technology, and never stop finding out whether your security is secure enough.

Wise people can always learn more
At Sukkahs.com we use the latest technology, a "128 bit SSL digital certificate" issued to us by Starfield Technologies. If you would like to learn more please go the Starfield Technologies web site at: www.starfieldtech.com

A few more notes on privacy

Here at Sukkahs.com we are very concerned with your privacy. We will try not to call you when you are sleeping. We will not come into your house. Hey.... we won't even come into your sukkah! All information you provide to us will be kept absolutely confidential and be used solely to communicate better with you. We maintain strict security over all of our customer information, and do not sell information to outside companies. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy or the safety of your credit card information.

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